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Thursday, January 28, 2010

Holiday Travel - 1 vs My Diet - 0

Well we all know how much good stuff there is to eat over the holidays. Let's just say I enjoyed myself a little too much. I had lost 8 pounds prior to our trip, well they found me in Georgia and hopped back on for the ride home. I am happy to say that I have shed 4 of them again. I will beat this.

The Deacon and Pops gave us a Wii game system with the Wii Fit accessories. We have been using it and I do believe it works. I will keep you posted. If nothing else the boxing is a great way to get out your frustrations. Plus watching Cameron box is hilarious.


  1. I don't even want to know the damage the holidays did to my waist. Everything fits, just a little more snuggly. It's so hard to exercise this time of year -- as I write this there's a white-out outside my window. I just can't drag myself out to walk. Maybe I should get a wii. Keep at it!

  2. My boy strips down to his underwear when he does Wii boxing. It is funny.

    I have the Wii fit. I have used Jillian Michael's work-out and it kicked my trash. I was sore for a week. However, I'll have to go through it again because I've sat on my backside this whole week.

  3. that holiday food is so hard to resist and then to shed later...good job on knocking off 4 pounds. I love your spunk! keep up the good work!