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Tuesday, January 5, 2010

New addition to our rhythm

Cameron loves to read or to be read to, so we have decided that every evening without fail we will be reading a book or 2 or 3! I know we should all be doing this anyway but admit it, it sometimes gets pushed aside.

While we were on vacation I couldn't help but go into the local Goodwill and of course came out with books. It is such a great resource for finding gently loved books. I walked out with 2 videos, and 13 books for $14. Can't beat that! One of the books was an "Easy Reader" about dinosaurs. Last night Cameron discovered the book and brought out his dinosaur collection and was teaching Henry all about them. I loved watching it, Henry just looked at his brother like a little sponge and Cameron was so animated with the Dino's. When Mr. Miller got home and after he had his Chicken and Noodles we read the book before bath time. It was such a relaxing time.
I am challenging each and every one of you to look around and decide how can I better spend time with my loved ones in 2010? You just might be surprised.


  1. It is a great challenge. I have to ask myself that question every day, even though I homeschool the little ones. Thanks for the reminder

  2. We also sometimes push reading aside. Jackson loves books and will often bring them to us to read to him, and we do, but it's not everyday that he asks us. We really need to put reading into our everyday routine as well. Thanks for the reminder. :)

  3. We used to read together every night. It was such a special time. Plus, I always made it a point to sit with each of my kids -- just one-on-one -- for ten minutes before they went to sleep. It was totally their time to unload thoughts, questions, etc. Even today (at 17, 16 and 11), they sometimes ask if I'll sit with them. Then, I know there's something they need to get off their chest. Enjoy your little ones (I know you are :) ). JB

  4. Sutton loves her books, too! She will just sit and look at them and "read" to herself. It is so adorable. Of course, we read to her every night as well. :)

  5. what a thoughtful post, warm wishes to you in this new year!

  6. This is such a great idea. I love snuggling up with my little one's and reading to them. We usually just do it before bed, but I am thinking we should start getting the books out other times during the day!