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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

Whats my job?

Not long ago I talked about changes here at Green Acres. Thank you to a very good friend, I had the opportunity to go back to work Monday through Friday and 8 -5. Normal hours, wow, I don't know the last time I had a job with normal hours. Well long story short I had to let the opportunity go because it was not working out in the daycare department. I decided it was best that she focus on another candidate. Plus the cost, my goodness to keep Junior Mint in full time and then after school care for Cameron plus summer care well you guessed it there went 50% of the income before taxes. I was going to really be in the hole. I have bounced back and forth on what to do.

Last night Mr. Miller helped me see what my job is and that it was useful, appreciated and that I was really good at it. Sorry ladies, he is taken! Well here it is:

Job: Mama and Wife
Description: Hand Holder, Lover, Dream Soother

OK, so we all know that dishes, laundry, carpool driver, cook and diaper changer falls in there too but I am focusing on the big 3. Mr. Miller also informed me about how many people I touch outside of these 4 walls through this blog. Here this started as a dare by my husband and has turned into such a meaningful part of my life and so many others. Thank you all for letting me share our crazy, mixed up world with you.

Sometimes we take for granted all that we have in our lives and feel that we need to make up for our short comings with possessions and what job we have.
We have learned so much this past year, it has been a long year and at some times a tough one to travel. I am blessed to stay home and yes, it is a right and a privilege. We have made many changes and have learned and grown from them.


  1. I always have wished that I had the opportunity to stay home and be with my kiddos more. But, work is a necessity -- and not necessarily a bad thing for me. As we get ready to send our kids off to college, the second income is a big plus. But staying home is definitely more rewarding than any other job and you are doing something you love. Just enjoy these days -- you can always re-join the outside-of-the-home workforce someday.

  2. What a wonderful to describe such a precious job. I know that it has been a very full year, but I hope that it has yielded all that you had hoped.