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Sunday, January 24, 2010

Heart 2 Heart ~ part 2

This weekend we finally got out to get the supplies for our care kits. Which really was OK since on Wednesday St. Thomas More, Cameron's school, sent home a note stating they were supporting this particular cause also. We prayed as a family about what we could give up. We agreed upon 50% of the grocery budget for the week and I took part of my earnings from the Diaper Swap to fund 6 kits from our family. It was a great outing for the family and really great to show Cameron how important it is to give. I will say that his school has done an outstanding job explaining to the children about this tragedy. They took the offering from Wednesday's Mass and donated the proceeds, held a bake sale on Friday and also had $1 dress down day.
Tonight we were at the store getting the ingredients for Junior Mint's birthday cake and I met a young Mama with her Mother and little girl. I know I can't go anywhere without making new friends, anyways her Mother shared with us how this young Mama and Nurse was boarding a plane tomorrow with her co workers from St. Joseph Medical Center to help in Haiti. They were taking over $500,000 in medical supplies to take care of the Haitians. Grandma said her mission trip was to take care of her beautiful 15 mos old grand daughter. I thanked this young Mama for what she was about to do, she was brought to tears and I said don't cry but know we will be praying for you and your efforts.
Isn't it amazing when we step back and realize what we can do to help others out?

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  1. Sounds like you're doing a lot to help. And you're setting a good example for your little ones.