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Thursday, January 7, 2010

Let it snow...let it snow...let it snow!

The view out my back door this morning. I think I have a patio out there somewhere and there should be a fire pit infront of those chairs.

Wow! What a week, we have had more snow and frigid temps this week. We were expecting snow yesterday and single digit temperatures. I kept Cameron home with me since the bulk of the snow was supposed to be falling when I should be picking him up from school and I had that Mom instinct of "are you crazy, I am so not risking the lives of my children" so I made an executive decision. Cameron, Junior Mint and I had our own Epiphany Party and as Cameron called it " school at home". As it turns out it took Mr. Miller almost 2 hours to do what is normally a 20 minute commute home. He made it safe and that is all that counts.

We researched Epiphany and found out some interesting facts. Cameron had a great time calling the Deacon, Pops, Mimi and Gigi last night to share what he learned. We learned the 3 Kings names and about the gifts they brought. We also found out why the "Kings Cakes" are circular ~ because King Herod stopped the Kings in route and asked if they would share where he was. The Kings thought wiser of this and knew that Herod once again was up to no good and so they travelled in a circular route to their homelands. There you go! We made a Sour Cream Banana Cake with Pamela's Flour Mix. I tell you that GF Mix is the best! We hid Blueberries in the middle for the treasure. This cake was great and I will share the recipe soon.

We got another 6+ inches last night and school is called off today by them. Cameron wants to go out and play but I feel some movies, books, dinosaur play and hot chocolate calling our names.


  1. Sounds like a great day -- you made it fun for all. I want a snow day....Instead, it's just plain cold here. Enjoy having your brood at home.

  2. enjoy the sure got a good bit there. we're supposed to get some tonight. stay warm!

  3. this blueberry cake sounds really yummy. you've got to love snow days. thanks for your sweet words on so wabi sabi. it is wonderful to be connected to so many great mamas like you.