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Thursday, January 21, 2010

A fresh look

When you live in a small house such as we do, you are constantly trying out new ways of arranging furniture to get the most use out of your space. I am not complaining but just stating a fact. I love my house. I love that it comfortable and cozy, that I can clean it in under 2 hours. The fact still remains that Mr. Miller and I have a lot of stuff.

So occasionally I move things around. This month it has been the kitchen. I moved the fridge so we could move in a cabinet, which left us with this desk. I love this desk, when we lived in the condo it was left out by the dumpster. It is missing its drawer but other than that it is in perfect shape. So you know me, the dumpster diver, I had to have it. When we moved into the house I used it in the kitchen to house the microwave, cookbooks and canisters. Now that I have moved the kitchen around it is going to serve many useful purposes for us. I can use it as an extra buffet when family is over and my most favorite is a place other than the dining room table to write. I finally have a spot with a note pad, pens, school directory and a place to read the mail.


  1. I've dived into a few dumpsters myself (much to the embarrassment of my kids). But, when you find a treasure, it's worth it. I think you found one there.

  2. Will you come help me with my house? I am decorating challenged!