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Monday, August 3, 2009


Yesterday we celebrated Mr. Millers birthday. Cameron was busy this week planning his daddy's celebration. We worked on gifts, menu planning and baking a cake. In the world of a 5 year old birthdays are serious business. We have tried to explain to Cameron that gifts should come from the heart and not necessarily the store. He decided that he was going to paint daddy a picture. Cameron loves trucks of any kind. One of his favorites is the "PUS" truck or as we know it the UPS truck. While I was at Harold's our driver gave me a little truck for him. Thanks Scott, this is a true favorite in the fleet. If you notice he even had the truck there as a model.

Mr. Miller took it all in stride, in the past years he would say "oh, its just another day" and now he looks forward to the excitement of the day. So thanks Cameron for bringing birthday excitement back to the house.

The finished product. It will be going to work with daddy to hang with the tractor he did earlier.

Aren't the best gifts truly those from the heart? We think so!

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