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Tuesday, August 18, 2009

"...they'd love to see him come and hate to see him go"

Today was a brave morning here at Green Acres, Cameron started kindergarten. He did great, Mama not so much. I am ever so grateful that Mr. Miller went along to hold my hand. OH, I held it together until I got out in the hallway with the rest of the first timers. You know the teachers have seen it all before because they kept saying "just keep walking straight ahead and you will be fine!" we all must have looked like blubbering idiots.

It is just like the lyric from Jimmy Buffett's song The Jolly Mon, "they'd love to see him come and hate to see him go". Yes, I will periodically be quoting Mr. Buffett. He is somewhat of a mentor in this house. As I said in my profile we are Parrotheads and we have been blessed with 2 Parakeets (Parrotheads in training). After all Mr. Buffett was a Catholic school boy and didn't turn out so bad. Yes, I know we are not Catholic but we are Episcopalian and that is Catholic Light just a 1/3 less guilt!

Ms. Tanner had darling little bags on the table for us Mama's and Daddy's. She put a brownie and a tea bag in so we could relax and some play dough and a poem on how together with her we will mold a happy, healthy child who loves to learn. I hated to see him go this morning but I also know that he is in a safe place and ready to start the next chapter of his book called "Life".

Does this guy look ready to learn or what?


  1. I feel myself getting all weepy as I read this post. I can't even imagine sending Jackson off to school for the 1st time. I'm sure I'll be one of those blubbering mama's in the hall. Hope your son had a terrific 1st day of school!!!

  2. OH MY GOODNESS! What a very big boy!
    I'm really proud of you, Mom for holding it together, too! Good Job! :)
    Milestones are what memories are made of! Glad you got so many good pictures! Love you!