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Tuesday, August 11, 2009


Do you ever just stop and ask "Why?" I find myself asking that question a lot lately. It started as you know with, "Why did I lose my job?" and lately it has been "Why didn't Mr. Miller get the promotion?" and "Why is the check engine light on in the Jetta?". I know that things happen for a reason and you should not ask "Why?" but I just can't help myself sometimes.

Family and friends have been telling me how happy I seem now that I am home and you know, it is true I am. Even with that ever looming question of "Why?". As I lay in bed last night long after my 3 boys had drifted to sleep, Wonder Mutt was snoring and Delani was asleep at my feet, I pulled out my devotional and started to read. I find great comfort these days in my little chats with the man upstairs. Now I am not an overly religious woman but I have a great deal of faith. Faith, that's the answer, that's it. I have faith that the right door will open and things will happen in the order they should. The Deacon reminds me that things happen when they should and how they should. Be patient and it will all work out. Mr. Miller and Mimi both reminded me of how it does no good to get upset or stressed out about it because it solves nothing. So here I am relying on the Faith that I have. As I was having my little epiphanies last night I came across this in my readings, "Faith is a desperate dive out of the sinking boat of human effort and a prayer that God will be there to pull us out of the water." ~Max Lucado. I also read this passage, "You have been saved by grace through believing. You did not save yourselves; it was a gift from God. It was not the result of your own efforts, so you cannot brag about it." Ephesians 2:8-9 Wow, talk about the post it notes from God.

So here it is my profound statement for the day and then I will get off of my philosophical soap box, I know that God will meet what I think my needs of today when it is supposed to happen. It may be today or tomorrow but it will happen. This is his plan and I am here to be a part of it. As Max Lucado says, "Grace for the Moment. The concerns of tomorrow will be met tomorrow. Provisions for next week will arrive next week. God meets the needs of the day, each day." OK, I hear you loud and clear. Keep the Faith and it will all be good!


  1. Remember one of my favorite sayings:

    God closes doors;
    God opens doors;
    But sometimes you have to wait in the hall.

    You all are in the hall right now but the doors will open (in Gods good time). Just keep the faith. We love you!

  2. Preach it, sister! Great post:)