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Friday, August 14, 2009


Cameron just love puzzles! We had Mimi with us last weekend and he knew he could talk her into countless hours doing puzzles. I knew it too since she used to do the same with me. Puzzles are actually one activity that Cameron can focus on. Cameron is an extremely active child. We are working with a Behaviorist for the ADHD. It is very important for him to remain busy with tasks. This helps him to focus all of that energy into something. He gets so pleased with himself when he finishes a task.

I hate to label him, so please understand that is not what I am doing. The ADHD is a part of our everyday life here. We accept it and understand that there will be good days and bad days. We tried the natural approach for 6 mos under the care and guidance of our very special Doctor. We came to the conclusion that it just was not working for us. We have since started using medications, now understand this is not for everyone but it is working for us. I now have child that can show affection, look me in the eye and actually have a conversation with. Cameron actually gets excited when people come over instead of running and hiding. The other part that is new to us is the fact that on some of the bad days it is just him being an obstinate 5 year old and not him being confused by his surroundings.

I often refer to raising a child with ADHD like that of doing a puzzle. Eventually the pieces will come together. Until that point we just live one day at a time and hope for the good days and know that the bad days are usually only few and far between.

Cameron loves anything John Deere. This is a good thing since we are a Deere family!

Mimi and Cameron congratulating each other on a job well done!


  1. Have you ever looked at the gluten free/casin free diet for the ADHD? I know that it has had a ton of success for so many who suffer, and even with our own children, when they eat gluten, some of their symptoms are that of ADHD.

  2. We are doing the GF but not casein. We have also taken red dye out. Thanks, I appreciate the comment.