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Monday, August 31, 2009

Listen to your Mom!

I won't share the pictures with this post and you will thank me in the end. I am 38 and I do try to be independent or as Mr. Miller says stubborn. Whichever adjective you choose I should have listened to my mom. Yesterday we were doing the family birthday for my sister, Erika, at Mimi's and I was helping her in the kitchen. We were grilling burgers and I made a great chopped salad with the harvest from the Inaugural Garden. Mr. Miller, Mimi and Randy were talking in the kitchen and I said I would slice the tomatoes. I asked Mimi where here mandolin was, yes the same mandolin that I have used for 7 years and sold when I was doing the Pampered Chef gig, she pointed and said don't forget the guard. I responded with I don't use it and I don't ever have an issue. Do you see where this is going? Yep, you guessed I tried to slice the tip of my thumb off with the tomato. Can you say "OUCH!" Here is a snippet of the confusion that followed:

ME: Crap now I've done it!

MIMI: You didn't!

MR. MILLER: Maeghan! What did she tell you to use?

ME: I need a band aid and a towel

ERIKA: Do we need to go to Minor Med?

ME: NO! Just let Mr. Miller fix it! (Needless to say I think he can fix any boo-boo, and I had both him and Mom there)

Yes, my thumb is still attached. It is very sore. My sister Nurse Kristin came after she got done at hospital and assessed the damage. "Yep, you cut it girl. Get the neo-sporin and keep it cover for a few days. I'll send my bill!" God she is blunt! Love her for that. She did kiss the band aid though.

Moral of the story:

  1. Listen to your Mom
  2. Use the guard when using the mandolin
  3. Don't carry conversation on with your big brother when working with sharp objects!

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