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Tuesday, August 25, 2009

Little Red Book

I have a serious problem, I love recipes! I can't help myself. I randomly buy cookbooks, tear out recipes from Magazines and oh the the Internet don't even get me started. Mr. Miller has been ever so patient over the years with this obsession of mine. Well he should he definitely eats well because of it. I finally reached my breaking point enough of the clutter. I mean seriously how many boxes of cookbooks does one need? I decided to weed through them before the last garage sale and keep only the ones I use, this was not easy but it was time for an intervention. I next decided to sort the stack of clippings and printed off recipes. Mr. Miller had the idea of putting them in a binder with sheet protectors. This was a process, but I am so pleased with the results. Now things are so much easier when looking for things to cook!

The Red Book in its place of honor. Right next to the Lutheran Church cook book,the good old Better Homes and Gardens and of course Paula Deen (I love her, but that is another story!) .

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