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Monday, August 17, 2009

Garden Pests!

OK so we all know that this is the inaugural year for the garden so that means it is a year of taking notes and learning exactly how to be an urban farmer. I spoke in an earlier post about the "tree rats" aka squirrels raiding my corn. Well they did it again! Not only the corn but tomatoes and carrots too! I went out back Saturday morning and I found a stripped cob and half eaten tomato in a patio chair. It is like they had a party on my nickel and didn't even invite me. The least they could do is clean up after themselves.

It is bad enough that I have an over zealous 5 year old that keeps picking green tomatoes and not quite ripe enough watermelon, but these pests are making me crazy. I mean seriously Mr. Miller is fastidious about keeping the feed trough out front full for them and the birds do they need to raid the food intended for my babies bellies?

OK so maybe I am a little up in arms but I am working out a plan to keep them from the garden. Any ideas? Please share in the comment section if you know of any.


  1. I'm not much of a vegetable gardener, more a gardener of flowers, so unfortunately I have no ideas for keeping these party pests out. Just wanted to say thanks for visiting my blog, I really enjoy meeting new bloggers. This is such a fun community! Hope to see you around the blogosphere again. :) Steph

  2. I had to laugh at myself - for years I've grown native plants that encourage wildlife in my garden, so why was I surprised that the wildlife came and ate my veggies!
    One thing has helped: I bought a product at Suburban Lawn & Garden called Bobbex-R. You mix it with water and spray it on the the plants. It's pretty cheap, seems to work, and the only drawback is that the natural stuff it's made of smells so bad to humans that I keep wanting to hold my breath.
    Yesterday the electrician gave me another idea: Ivory soap. He said you soak your cake of soap in water and then spray it on. Can also put slivers of Ivory around the garden. Worth a try!