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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

The Cloth Diaper that I "flip" for

You know how I love my cloth diapers, and especially this little bum in them. Well I have found a cloth diaper that I am literally "flipping" for.

Cottonbabies the makers of Bum Genius have come up with a diaper system that is wonderful. This is a one size fits 8lbs-35lbs cover with a cloth insert. I will tell you that I put 2 inserts in at night and for the first time we have no leaks. That's right I said no leaks. You can pick up a cover and insert combination for around $17. I have been using the G diapers and cloth inserts that I have been making but we were still having problems with leaks at night. I thought I would try one of these and OH how I love them. I have been able to pick some up off of diaper swappers too. I am able to use my G inserts in these too. They have a disposable insert for while you are away from home too. I am still using my G's so I have a pretty good rotation. I am looking at stocking inserts on my etsy site real soon.

photo courtesy of cottonbabies

If you want a less expensive route I have also tried their econobum system. I find it equally as good. These run about $9.95 for cover and insert. The nice thing about
is that they have free shipping. You can also use a prefold as your insert, just fold it in a tri fold pattern.
photo courtesy of cotton babies
I have to tell you that cloth diapering is a great way to save money and it doesn't have to be expensive. If you use disposable you are spending around $3000 on diapers during the duration of your child's use of them. You do the math. I think it is worth it for peace of mind, less diaper rash and some savings in your wallet.


  1. Those days are long gone for me! I miss my babies, but not the diapers.

  2. I had G diaper leaks at night too. I had to double up on the inserts, but found it was a bit uncomfortable for Lake, so...we just stick to them during the day and use a seventh generation disposable at night.


  3. I wish I had done the cloth route with my babies. The options have really improved in the last 5 years.