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Monday, March 8, 2010

"Louder Than Words"

I read a book over the last week that really spoke to me. "Louder Than Words" by Jenny Mc Carthy. In this book she talks about her journey to get help for her son Evan who has Autism. I have spoke many times about my puzzle known as Cameron and our journey with him. I know he is not as severe as some but none the less it is a journey to get him on a course in life to give him the best guidance we can with the Aspbergers.

I felt such a connection with Jenny when she would talk about things such as Evan not reacting to other children when he would get hurt or they would take things from him. Cameron was very much the same way. He would internalize everything. It took his pre school teacher, Miss Lorie, to open our eyes the way they should. OH we knew something was different but there is always the fear of the unknown. I still remember the first time once we got a diet regiment and medicine routine under control and he was able to show emotion. I cannot describe that feeling of my baby he fell and got hurt and for the first time those are tears. He felt something and felt that he could express himself.

One area that we battle with daily is that Cameron does not sleep all night. This started at about 15 months. We can now get him to sleep at night with the help of melatonin, however it is getting him to stay asleep that we struggle with. Jenny discusses the need for diet restrictions for these children and that studies have shown that a casein free diet with help with their sleep patterns. We have started to cut back on the dairy in Cameron's diet. I have started to be dairy free after 6pm. We had our first trial with that last evening at a family birthday party. I brought GF and Dairy Free Chocolate Sandwich cookies, which are amazing by the way, Cameron refers to them as "orneos". Mimi also cut up strawberries, his favorite fruit, but there was still cake and ice cream for others. This was so hard to tell him no, I will make sure next time to bring our own ice cream that he can have. I will tell you that we had 2 nights of him sleeping all night this weekend. I know it is soon but we will see what happens. I would love any suggestions from you readers on how you get through these tough times. This is not going to be easy switching a 6 year old to dairy free, especially one that loves cheese, milk, yogurt and ice cream.
I want to encourage you to go to the Library and check this book out. It really opened my eyes to so many things. I feel so blessed to have Cameron in our lives. He is such an amazing child. He may not be 100% normal or what the general public views as normal, but who is? And really what is normal? I know we will have good days and bad days. Sometimes taking him just to the store is a big trial, too many people just are more than he can handle. We get a little out of control and yes people stare and I know what they are saying under their breath but I just smile and think to myself the their house is made of glass just like mine and be careful on the stones that you throw.
Cameron is an amazing boy with amazing talent, he is smart, funny and oh so sweet and I am proud to be his Mama.


  1. My 4-year old is on a completely gluten-free/casein-free diet, and it has helped him in more ways than you can imagine. In fact, our whole family eats this way now, (so I don't have to cook differently for each one of us), and I don't think we've ever eaten more healthfully or deliciously. My son never feels deprived, since there are so many yummy alternatives to the foods he likes. Some of his (and our) favorite dairy alternatives include: So Delicious coconut milk beverages and yogurt (he thinks the chocolate yogurt tastes like pudding!), Vegan Gourmet cream cheese and cheese alternatives, Soyatoo Whipped Cream Topping (soooooo good!), and So Delicious coconut milk ice cream. I think Cameron would like all of these, too!

  2. That sounds like a great book. It's really wonderful that you've been able to find some of the sources of Cameron's challenge. My daughter has both a dairy and wheat allergy (which isn't the same as your issue, but still has huge diet restrictions). I find vegan recipes and food alternatives the best in these cases. Good luck!

  3. Wow Maeghan, thank you for sharing all of this. I know that having a son with both severe celiac disease, as well as a chronic motor tic, that diet is a huge factor. If we give Jacob even a little bit of dairy, or sugar, and then of course gluten, it changes everything about him. We recently took dairy, casein and all refined sugar out of his system, and he has done so much better. I am such a big believer in the relationship between food and illness, and while our kiddos suffer from two very different problems, I hope that a few food changes will continue to make a huge difference for you.
    I look forward to reading of your journey.

  4. Oh my gosh....You are an amazing mother. I can just tell. You have so much on your plate, so to speak. But -- you are so positive and supportive. I love your comment about being normal -- who is? We all have something to overcome or deal with, I just wish we could all deal with the hands we are dealt as well as you. Good luck with the dietary changes. I hope it helps.