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Monday, March 29, 2010


I received an email this morning that really made me think about where I have been, am and going. We all are busy in our day to day Rhythms but do we all take time to enjoy? I know that there are days here where that doesn't happen. There are dishes to be done, laundry, sweeping and baking the bread. The list could go on and on. Does that all really matter? I am finding that what matters are these 2 beautiful little boys I have and Mr. Miller. I need to relax and enjoy the blessings that God has bestowed up me. Here is a little piece of what made me think this morning.

"Can't seem to get where you want to go fast enough? Leave it to God.
Worried about your kids? Leave it to God.
Living in a place you'd rather not be? Leave it to God.
Looks like you won't graduate with honors? Leave it to God.
Found a lump and you see the doctor tomorrow? Leave it to God.
A mid-career change seems scary? Leave it to God.
You did the job but someone else got the credit? Leave it to God."

-Day by Day with Charles Swindoll
Haven't we all been there? I know I have and I am. Here are a few things I am choosing to "Leave to God".

Not enough finances to pay the bills? Leave it to God.
Need a car that runs better, more safely? Leave it to God.
Have needs that only a miracle would cover? Leave it to God.
Feel like people are understanding you? Leave it to God.
Finally I am going to leave you with one thought. A Priest of ours used this in a sermon years ago before we moved back to Kansas City and it gave me the courage to continue with our move. Then low and behold this morning this same email had it in there. OK God I am seeing the post it note loud and clear.
"Let Go and Let God..."

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  1. We should all do more reflections on our life... it helps us renew and refocus each time. Thanks for sharing! Have a good week!