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Tuesday, March 30, 2010

Soccer Mom

Two words that I never thought would be associated with my name, Soccer MOM! Wow was I wrong and yes go ahead and laugh my friends I know you are and that's why I love you all. No, I don't have a Soccer Ball sticker on the back of the Urban Farm Truck, yet. I keep teasing Mr. Miller that I will put one on there if he doesn't behave. Truth be known he has become quite the Soccer Dad. He has gone to the practices and on Saturday after practice they turned my hallway into a practice field for ball control.
St. Thomas More has 2 boys kindergarten teams, the Bullets and the Flames. My little star is number 12 and he is having a ball. That is what it is all about as Coach Kevin tells them every practice, "it is not who wins but did you have a good time?". He is a great Coach and he has assembled a great team of volunteer parents to help. My hat is off again to the parent involvement at St. Thomas More.
Now where do I get a book on Soccer, I know nothing about it? Is there a "Soccer for Dummies" out there?


  1. You go -- you soccer Mom! I can't help out. My daughter runs cross-country. No soccer here.

  2. Oh, golly, I know nothing about soccer. :) But I know you'll be a great cheerleader for your little guy. Do you have some pom poms? ;)

  3. Oh I have felt the same way these last few years. My oldest son is an avid soccer player, and tomorrow begins his 7th season of play. The younger one begins his second season, and we have been coahces, etc. I never thought I would own a station wagon (check), never thought I would live in suburbia (check), and I never thought I would be a soccer mom (check). *sigh*.

    I hope that your little ones have a great season!