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Wednesday, March 10, 2010

It's Coming!

Spring that is! Its coming and I am so excited. We spent the weekend working in the yard. Mr. Miller and Cameron put compost on the garden beds, picked up sticks, put grass seed down and grilled hamburgers on Saturday night. As for me I created one of my favorite sights out my back window...

Freshly washed diapers on the line to soak up the sun. As for Henry he supervised and was a good one at that!

OK so this picture is from the summer. Brief update on the camera saga. The Deacon sent me a card for the Olympus and she is up and running with a Band Aid over her boo boo. In the mean time Grampie called and left a message that he ordered me a new Canon Cool Pix and it should be here this week. I am very excited. He also told me that he was surprised at the mileage that I have gotten out of the Olympus. She was a hand me down from him before Cameron was born. OH she will be kept around. I think I will start referring to her Band Aid as her new tatoo.

Thank you to my wonderful parents both birth related and marriage related, I couldn't do what I do with and for your grandsons without your help and support. We love you Nana, Pops, Grampie, Grandma, Poppa and Mimi!


  1. We also spent a lot of time outdoors this weekend. I think we sat on the porch for about 4 hours on Saturday! Love it!

  2. You have leaves on your trees! I'm jealous. I hung out sheets to dry on Sunday. It's a wonderful thing!